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Caseificio Antico Demanio

The Campomaggiore family business boasts more than forty years of experience in agriculture and  farming of the buffaloes.

In  1970, Don Michele, buffalo meat and cattle trader, established his business in the lands of “Demanio”, where the Farm has still located; over the years it has acquired a completely new face.

At first the activity was strictly agricultural and zootechnical, focused on the production of fodder and breeding of buffaloes. In 1989 Don Michele’s sons, Angelo and Emanuele, founded the Company Agrizoo Soc. Coop .. Twelve years later, aware of the many strengths acquired over time and with the goal of transforming high quality milk internally produced, they invested in the Cheese factory project called “Antico Demanio“.
This marked the beginning of a continuous evolution that led a simple farm to a complex reality that has grown a lot into an increasingly competitive sector.

Today, considering the complete vertical control over the whole production chain, which starts from the breeding of highly selected buffaloes to continue with the transformation of milk, it is inevitable that the products that come out of this process are of undisputed and certified quality. The secret of the goodness and genuineness of our buffalo mozzarella DOP and ricotta depends on conditions and the environment in which buffaloes live, but also on the proximity of the breeding and the dairy that are located within the same corporate center and few meters away from each other. Consequently the milk processing occurs immediately without suffering the alterations due to long transfers. In addition there is the long experience and expertise of a specialized staff in breeding and in transformation.

Tradition, experience, innovation and quality, the values ​​that have contributed to our success.

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