The process of cheese making takes place in five phases, which are always carried out respecting the ancient traditions and rules dictated by Consortium of Mozzarella di bufala campana DOP. COAGULAZIONE- COAGULATION: This stage involves the formation of the curd, obtained with the addition of rennet and natural serum to the milk. FILATURA-SPINNING: The curd after being divided into pieces is shaken with hot water at 96-100 ° Celsius; This continuous mixing allows the curd to spin. MOZZATURA- FORMATING: This stage involves the so-called “mozzatura” (from which comes the word mozzarella); It can be done both manually and mechanically, it depends on the market demands. RASSODAMENTO-SOLIDIFICATION: At this stage the mozzarella is immersed in a solution which consist of 3 to 10% sea salt; Thus it will take up by osmosis the amount of salt required, depending on the size. PACKAGING: At this stage  mozzarella is wraped  in its liquid that will accompany it until the time of consume.
We produce mozzarella made of one hundred percent of buffalo milk. Our 100 grams mozzarella has an energy value of 278 kcal; 23 grams are fats of which saturated 17.8; Carbohydrates are 0.8 grams; Proteins for 17.4 grams; Salt 0.5 grams; Calcium for 403 mg (50 percent of daily nutritional value); Phosphorous 300 mg (43 percent of the daily reference nutritional value).
Ricotta is obtained by thermal coagulation of the proteins contained in the sweet serum coming from the processing of mozzarella. The serum is collected in special steel boilers and heated to 92 ° Celsius; the heat causes protein denaturation and their aggregation, thus forming a soft and fine coagulum that begins to surface immediately with the presence of fat . At the appearance of flowering, stop stirring and heating is suspended. This mass is now left to rest until the clot is completely exposed. The separation of ricotta is carried out both mechanically by the use of special extractors, and manually using a perforated ladle and placing the wet clot in plastic recipient where it stays for about 12-24 hours. Our production ends with the aseptic packaging in controlled atmosphere of the finished product.
You can freely  see the firm during opening hours. If you prefer to organize a didactic visit,  as a didactic farm, we offer various types of guided tour options and tasting products compatible with visitors’ specific needs.
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