Brands and Certificates

The prestigious European brand with which the organoleptic and commodity characteristics of this cheese are institutionally recognized, mainly derived from the environmental conditions and traditional processing methods existing in the specific production area.

Rina- Agroqualità (ISO 9001:2008)
It is the certification of the Company Quality System, an indispensable requirement for placing products and services on the market.

DQA- Dipartimento Qualità Agroalimentare
The Agro-Food Quality Department is a body that meets quality requirements in accordance with UNI CEI EN 45011 Ed. 1999 and additional ACCREDIA documents for quality assurance.


HACCP- Hazard-Analysis and Control of Critical Points
It officially demonstrates compliance with the Laws on Food Hygiene, both national and European. The goal of obtaining certification is to demonstrate the adoption of measures to prevent the risks to food security


The D.M. September 9, 2014 reports the national instructions for the detection of the production of buffalo milk and processed products deriving from the use of the buffalo milk by setting up the “Traceability of the buffalo chain” computerized platform, managed by SIAN and the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Mezzogiorno.


Libro Genealogico A.N.A.S.B.
Agrizoo’s Buffaloes are registered in the Genealogy Book of the Buffalo Species established by Ministerial Decree on June 23, 1980. In 2000 the MiPAF entrusted the Book Management directly to ANASB. In the same year another decree (D.M. 201992 of 5 July 2000) recognized the buffalo registered at L.G. belonging to a unique  breed: the “Italian Mediterranean”.


Misura Agroambientale 214- P.S.R. Campania
Measure 214 has been implemented which aims to achieve the following objectives: promoting of production methods aimed to the containment of negative environmental impact and conservation of the natural space; Improve the quality of agricultural land; Contribute to the protection of the health of consumers and farmers; To preserve biodiversity and the characteristic features of traditional crops.


Agrizoo participates in the ISSM bio-safety research project, that is the implementation of measures to correct hygiene practices, disease prevention, animal welfare improvement and livestock production in buffaloes farms.


The QR-Code project promoted by the Zooprofolilattico Sperimentale Istituto di Mezzogiorno aims at guaranteeing greater consumers the TRANSPARENCY. For the company, it is a valuable tool for transmitting the SALUBRITY of our products because it connects the consumer directly to reports and analysis tests using the QR code found on product packaging envelopes.


(Associazione Regionale Allevatori della Campania)


Agrizoo soc. coop. Agricola is included in the register of didactic farms at no. 226 of sections A and B. This means that you can visit our company at any time or organize group guided tours for school children, both for children and adults.