An Integrated Chain

Caseificio Antico Demanio

A chain is the set of workings that are carried out such as a waterfall to pass from the raw material to the finished product.

Agrizoo is an integrated company because it manages internally all phases of the production chain. Thanks to the ten-year experience in breeding buffaloes and milk production, the Campomaggiore brothers know very well what conditions affect the herd’s wellness, what aspects of nutrition determine the quality of milk and consequently of  mozzarella and ricotta.
This experience combines the technology and innovation brought by experts of the sector, a team of agronomists, veterinarians and control bodies who meticulously follow the life cycle of each buffalo since its birth.

Each buffalo borns, grows, eats and reproduces within our stables; Milk is produced in our milking rooms; The same milk that, only after being subjected to all the procedures provided by the control bodies, is transformed into Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, ricotta and other products.